ModusBox is changing how you integrate with your B2B partners, in a big way.

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PortX is built from the ground up with you in mind.

With connectors for the most popular & secure B2B protocols, like AS2 and FTPS, PortX gives you the flexibility, compatibility, and connectivity you need. Easily access the applications and data you need, without sacrificing encryption, verification, and transmission acknowledgement. Connect to your partners securely and reliably with PortX.
It’s time you make your job a little easier.

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  • shield


    PortX supports AS2 and FTPS protocols, the standard in B2B security.

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  • connect


    Seamless connectivity from partner endpoints to your applications.

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Our connectors are industry certified.

Now AS2 & FTPS transmissions can easily plug into Mule ESB and CloudHub With MuleSoft’s Anypoint Studio, connectivity is a drag-and-drop away.

Key Benefits

  • MuleSoft Certified

  • Drummond Certified

  • Highly scalable, supporting on-prem or cloud hosting models.

Key Benefits

  • MuleSoft Certified

  • Supports on-prem or cloud hosting models.

See How PortX Works.

See how PortX works