Enterprise Integration to Amazon Echo


By Sam Kummary and Walter Olivito

We love fun new gadgets – especially those of the variety that can talk to you and play your favorite song titles and give you the lowdown on the latest Mariners game. An Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker and voice command device capable of all of these things and more. It can also control several smart devices throughout your home or office.

Last May, when ModusBox hosted a booth at MuleSoft’s Connect 2016 event in San Francisco, we took along an Amazon Echo to play with – and later, raffled one away.

However, simply lugging the 2.5 pound talking-cylinder through airport security, overhead luggage compartments, and Uber rides to the event wasn’t enough for us – as is often the case. We wanted to integrate it with Mule Cloudhub but the question was what to integrate it with. Continue reading Enterprise Integration to Amazon Echo

Tuning Mule ESB for High Performance in ETL Scenarios

By: Joe Gaber

Contributors: Kent Brown, Byron Lai and MuleSoft Services

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is a common integration pattern, usually involving movement of large data files between applications and databases, especially useful in loading data into data warehouse solutions.  Many of the tools and capabilities of a good ETL solution overlap with the tools and capabilities of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) such as file movement, scheduling, data mapping (transformation), etc.  

However, ESB’s are generally designed to optimize the use case of processing many individual real-time messages that represent transactions, with the emphasis on flexibility of transformations, processing, and connectivity and routing options. ETL tools, on the other hand, generally optimize the processing of large datasets, usually as batch jobs that run daily, with the emphasis on performance and memory usage.

Mule ESB is a widely used integration platform with many built-in features that can be combined to create a very powerful ETL application.  With its variety of endpoints including HTTP/HTTPS, SFTP, File, Database, and others along with its built-in transformers and robust custom component capabilities, Mule has the building blocks to erect ETL applications that can provide many, if not all, of your enterprise’s ETL needs. Continue reading Tuning Mule ESB for High Performance in ETL Scenarios