Community Development – ModusBox’s Own Alan Vezina Strives to Bring Python Users Together

We at ModusBox are proud of the passion that our team has for their chosen vocation. We know it’s more than just a job, and that participation in groups, events, and projects make ModusBox a better team and a great place to work. We’re fortunate to have talented, unique technology leaders amongst our ranks. It’s part of our culture – maybe it’s in the coffee.

One of these technologists is Alan Vezina. Although a more recent addition to the ModusBox family, Alan has been an active advocate of and participant in the Python community in the Pacific Northwest for some time.

Alan’s participation in the Puget Sound Python User Group – affectionately dubbed PuPPy – has given him opportunities to meet, help, learn, and mentor other developers in the area, and even be part of planning the newly announced PyCascades conference. Continue reading Community Development – ModusBox’s Own Alan Vezina Strives to Bring Python Users Together

Will Blockchain Modernize the B2B Supply Chain?

Supply chain management is a common – and critical – topic among CIOs. The supply chain has grown faster than business, with chains being fragmented and geographically dispersed. Add into that the lack of transparency due to isolated systems and siloed data, and it’s no wonder that the B2B supply chain has bubbled up to the critical list for IT leaders.

Enter a new and interesting potential tool in IT’s tool chest – blockchain. Blockchain’s feature set checks off some of the biggest challenges facing B2B organizations today. Namely, understanding the full scope of a product’s path to market in a transparent, secure, and immutable way.
Continue reading Will Blockchain Modernize the B2B Supply Chain?

MuleSoft Connect17 Wrap Up

Last week was a whirlwind for us here at ModusBox. We spent much of the week at MuleSoft’s Connect17 conference (and the weeks before prepping for it). It was a lot of work, but worth every second.

We saw old colleagues, met some new ones, learned a great deal about what MuleSoft has in store, and how others are using the product.

So much went on last week that we’d thought we’d take a minute to reflect on a great event. Continue reading MuleSoft Connect17 Wrap Up

ModusBox Wins MuleSoft Partner of the Year Award

ModusBox is thrilled to announce that we have once again been recognized as a MuleSoft Partner of the Year.

This year, MuleSoft is honoring ModusBox with the award for Top Solution Partner, North America. The award recognizes ModusBox as a leading partner, providing solutions and services that help our mutual customers realize the potential of their businesses built on an application network.

This is the second time ModusBox has won a Partner of the Year award, the first being in 2015. Continue reading ModusBox Wins MuleSoft Partner of the Year Award

ModusBox Announces Sessions+ At MuleSoft CONNECT17

ModusBox is proud to be a sponsor of MuleSoft’s CONNECT17 event next week, and we’re all looking forward to meeting you.

And sure, as we mentioned last week, we’ll have some cool giveaways going on at Booth 24, our home for next week.

Today, though, we have an exciting announcement.

In addition to our CTO, Kent Brown, speaking at the Partner Theater, ModusBox will be holding some additional sessions inside of our booth. We’re calling these ModusBox Sessions+, and they will enhance the existing CONNECT17 schedule with additional information and demonstrations, without interrupting your experience with other keynotes and breakout sessions.

Here’s what we’ll be covering: Continue reading ModusBox Announces Sessions+ At MuleSoft CONNECT17

Visit ModusBox at MuleSoft Connect 2017

It’s just a few short weeks until the biggest MuleSoft event of the year – MuleSoft Connect 2017. And once again, ModusBox will be at Connect.

MuleSoft’s Connect 2017 is the premier conference where business leaders, developers, and architects come together to learn, share, and connect regarding digital transformation within their organization.

As in the past, ModusBox is a sponsor of this year’s event. As a Gold Sponsor, we’ll have the opportunity to meet with attendees face to face at our booth and share our wealth of experience with you. This year we’ll be located in Booth 24. Continue reading Visit ModusBox at MuleSoft Connect 2017

Tips & Tricks: Formating Code in Anypoint Studio

Any developer can tell you – code formatting is a highly charged topic where opinions run rampant. 

What they can also tell you is that about 70% of a developer’s time – more or less – is spent working on someone else’s code. And reading someone else’s code can be a real challenge, depending on what kind of formatting they use. Or worse, don’t use.

Anypoint Studio to the rescue. It’s possible to set Anypoint Studio to automatically format code to make it easier to read. It’s one quick option to help format the code in a more readable layout. Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Formating Code in Anypoint Studio

Integrating You Into ModusBox

Integration. It’s what we do. Creating the right solution to connect two important functions for a client.

But integration means more than a connector between two systems.

Integration is about taking two critical pieces and getting them to work together. The individual systems are important on their own. When two high functioning systems are brought together, the potential is limitless.

Take our teams, for instance. If you think of our clients as one system, and our teams as another, ModusBox is the integration that brings them together. Having great systems on each side makes the potential for what we can accomplish exciting. Awesome. Inspiring.

If you’re looking to be part of a company where your entrepreneurial spirit and innovative nature will be celebrated, ModusBox is where you belong. Continue reading Integrating You Into ModusBox

JD Edwards Connector for MuleSoft v1.1.1 Release

ModusBox is pleased to announce that it has released the newest version (v1.1.1) of the JD Edwards Connector for MuleSoft. The JDE Connector was specifically designed to connect your JDE ERP to the rest of your enterprise for Mule ESB and CloudHub.

The release of version 1.1.1 further expands the software’s ability to easily integrate with Mule ESB and CloudHub. The key new features added in this release are:

  • New parameters allow you to invoke BSFNs with the benefit of gaining more control over errors
  • Capability to include Data Selection to filter the records to process when submitting UBEs
  • Ability to Poll Events – Allows you to get outbound events that come from an application that uses a Master Business Function in order to generate transactions with Interoperability activated
  • Ability to Poll EDI Events – Allows you to capture outbound transactions that are generated from EDI Module applications
  • Support for more than one Transaction Session in multi-threaded applications

These are in addition to the existing features:

  • Log in to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne™ with authentication over EnterpriseOne Security Server
  • Discover BSFNs by name
  • Resolve BSFN metadata (signature and parameters) at runtime
  • Cache BSFN & UBE definitions locally in xml format
  • Invoke a BSFN by name

In addition to the new features above, with this version you can now visit MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange to download a trial version. Click here to visit the download site.

ModusBox is proud to offer its connectivity solution which leverages reusable assets (the JDE connector), in-house JDE expertise, and the support you need to get up and running quickly. Click here for more information.

Click here to read the original post for the JD Edwards Connector.

Enterprise Integration to Amazon Echo


By Sam Kummary and Walter Olivito

We love fun new gadgets – especially those of the variety that can talk to you and play your favorite song titles and give you the lowdown on the latest Mariners game. An Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker and voice command device capable of all of these things and more. It can also control several smart devices throughout your home or office.

Last May, when ModusBox hosted a booth at MuleSoft’s Connect 2016 event in San Francisco, we took along an Amazon Echo to play with – and later, raffled one away.

However, simply lugging the 2.5 pound talking-cylinder through airport security, overhead luggage compartments, and Uber rides to the event wasn’t enough for us – as is often the case. We wanted to integrate it with Mule Cloudhub but the question was what to integrate it with. Continue reading Enterprise Integration to Amazon Echo